4 Health Benefits Of CBD For Seniors

What Is CBD?

Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is one of 120+ compound found in industrial hemp. These compounds have a similar structure to our own endocannabinoid system. CBD can bind to the human endocannabinoid system helping our body stay balanced.

Our endocannabinoid system works with our other systems in our body like the immune and digestive system. It communicates with these systems via cannabinoid receptors that are located in our central and peripheral nervous system which regulates our mood, appetite, inflammation, body temperature and many more.

When you take CBD, it enhances your endocannbinoid numbers which in turn boosts your body's ability to fight against inflammation due to arthritis, to reduce pain and sleep issues.

What's The Difference Between CBD and Marijuana?

The main difference between CBD and Marijuana is that CBD is non psychoactive meaning that you will not get high when you take CBD. Marijuana based products have significantly higher amounts of THC than CBD products which is why these products are not legal in every state and more often than not, need a medical card to be purchased.

CBD products on the other hand contain less than 0.3% THC which will not get you high and is therefore non psychoactive.

Is CBD Legal?

In December 2018, with the passing of the 2018 Farm Act, CBD was legalized on the Federal level. Since then, CBD has grown in popularity and people have been reporting significant increase in the quality of life when used to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety and sleeplessness.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD For Seniors?

For seniors that are looking for a natural way to improve their lives, CBD can be a game-changer!

1) Help Manage Pain

Over half of seniors in America are suffering from chronic pain and a quarter of adults suffer from arthritis alone. Some of it is due to age but some of these conditions appear later in life such as diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders, pain from surgeries and chronic diseases like renal and heart disease. 

A number of studies have shown that CBD can help reduce pain and inflammation from conditions like joint pain, arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and back pain.

For seniors living in pain, using CBD consistently can greatly improve their day to day life by relieving pain and improving mobility.

2) Improve Quality Of Sleep

Sleep disorders, like insomnia, are a condition suffered by individuals of every age but they are more common among seniors.

As we age, the neurons regulating our sleep start to die off. Even though we still need the same amount of sleep as our younger self, we start waking up earlier or not sleeping as well because we have a lesser amount of these neurons. 

By waking up too early, we spend less time in deep sleep and REM sleep which is critical for restoring our cognitive and physical self. Sleep deprivation for seniors can impair the body's ability to remain healthy by inhibiting the immune system from properly functioning.

When you're taking CBD, you will feel a sense of relaxation which is enough, even for seniors, to fall asleep. CBD improves that quality of sleep and when it's not, it's helping treat the underlying issues that cause bad sleep such as anxiety and pain.

3) Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health issues for older adults. Due to life events such as death of friends or partner, health concerns, retirement, and lack of work, anxiety issues worsen as we age.

CBD can help reduce anxiety by activating our 5-HT1A receptors which helps produce serotonin. This creates an antidepressant-like effect which reduces stress and anxiety and makes social interactions less stressful and therefore can reduce loneliness.

4) Improve Heart Health

According the the American College of Cardiology, heart disease is the most common condition amongst older adults and the #1 cause of death among seniors.

A 2017 study found that a single dose of 600mg of CBD reduces blood pressure in healthy volunteers. Another study shows that CBD can help reduce cardiac inflammation and deter cell death caused from oxidative stress.

By reducing inflammation blood pressure and cell death in the heart, CBD can improve overall health for seniors and serve as a preventive measure against health ailments.

How To Use CBD?

CBD is available is a wide variety of forms and can be consumed topically, transdermally or as an ingestible.

For localized pain relief a topical product would be most useful. Rubbing CBD oil on the pain area can also prove to be effective.

For seniors that need full body relief, CBD tinctures work very well and are fast acting. CBD drops (tinctures) work best when they are taken under the tongue.

CBD Dosage For Seniors

When starting out with CBD, we recommend to start low and gradually increase until you feel the desired effects. Most people have found that a dose of 1mg to 6mg of CBD per 10 lbs of your body weight tends to be effective. 


Body Weight  CBD Dosage For Seniors
100 lbs 10 - 60mg
110 lbs 11 - 66mg
120 lbs 12 - 72mg
130 lbs 13 - 78mg
140 lbs 14 - 84mg
150 lbs 15 - 90mg
160 lbs 16 - 96mg
170 lbs 17 - 102mg
180 lbs 18 - 108mg
190 lbs 19 - 114mg
200 lbs 20 - 120mg
210 lbs 21 - 126mg
220 lbs 22 - 132mg
230 lbs 23 - 138mg
240 lbs  24 - 144mg
250 lbs 25 - 150mg


What Our Senior Clients Are Buying


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Our senior clients are using our CBD Down Time Drops for reducing pain, improving sleep and daily mobility. 

CBD Chill Time Drops

Our senior clients are using the CBD Chill Time Drops for inflammation, anxiety and sleep issues. Our Chill Time Drops comes in 3 different flavors, unflavored, lemon and cool mint.

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