4 Reasons Why CBD Isn't Working For Me

Have you tried CBD and it's simply not working for you? You're not alone, it can happen. Since CBD is a new supplement, there's still a lot of confusion about where to buy it, how to dose it properly and how to use it. This can impact the effectiveness of CBD.

Here's 5 reasons why CBD may not be working for you.

1) The Brand You Are Using

When something becomes popular, there is a rush to get in on it to make a quick buck. These companies are not thinking about the consumer and are not selling quality products. A lot of companies make exaggerated claims about the potency of their products. This means the consumer is getting less CBD than what the company claims there is and therefore doesn't receive the expected benefits of CBD.

The best way to look for credible companies is to look for companies that offer lab reports when requested, that have verified customer reviews and to stay away from sketchy websites and Amazon.

2) Dosage

You might not be taking the right dosage. You'll often hear to start low and work your way up. While this is correct sometimes people start too low to experience the benefits of CBD. CBD is very individual, so trial and error will be required. 

We wrote a full blog post about CBD dosage, read here

3) You Are Not Using Full Spectrum Oil

Full Spectrum oil refers to when the CBD oil contains all of the plants cannabinoids (whole plant extract) and the terpenes found in hemp plant. There’s roughly over 100 different cannabinoids including THC, CBD, CBN & CBG. The terpenes found in hemp are also extracted and have been known to increase the efficacy of cannabinoids.

Full Spectrum oil also produces what is know as the “entourage effect”. This means that when all the cannabinoids and terpenes are working together, they increase their therapeutic properties, something that CBD isolates doesn’t do.This is the single most important difference between Full Spectrum CBD & CBD Isolate!

One of the main reasons why you aren't seeing any results with your CBD could be because the product you are using contains CBD isolates, which contains only CBD and not the other cannabinoids. You are therefore not benefiting from the full effects of CBD, that can only be found in full spectrum oil. That is why we offer full spectrum products!

4) Don't Be Too Quick To Judge

CBD, just like the other cannabinoids, can take time to reach its full effects.

Just like when you start taking a new supplement or regimen, it takes time to feel the full effects. Stay consistent. The results are cumulative and oftentimes subtle at first. Before giving up on CBD consider why it may not be working for you. CBD has helped many people and has the potential to help you too.

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