Is CBD Good For Your Skin?

Why is CBD Good for Your Skin?

CBD is touted as an amazing anti-pain, anti-depression, and anti-anxiety stimulant today that is flying off the shelves around the country. What isn’t discussed quite as much is CBD and its benefits for your overall skin health and skincare routine. This leads a lot of people to the question: why is CBD good for your skin?

Let’s dive deeper and explain why!

Is CBD Good for Your Skin?

Is CBD Good for Your Skin? CBD helps your skin in two ways: it reduces inflammation and it works as an antioxidant to flush toxins and free radicals from your skin. CBD is able to clean your skin as well as preventing natural inflammation that can make you more likely to develop acne, eczema.

When you use topical CBD lotion or oil on your skin, the following occurs:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties: Natural inflammation in your skin can cause distress, swelling, and retention of water that makes your skin much more susceptible to skin disorders. Additionally, inflammation can cause discoloration, redness in the face, itchiness, and even low-grade pain in certain skin disorders.
  • Natural cleansing: Every day, your skin absorbs the toxins in our clothes, the air, our sheets, and the foods you are eating. It becomes this big barrier between your organs and the dangers of the outside world. Your skin needs some cleansing, therefore, which is why a natural antioxidant can help flush your pores of the dirt, chemicals, and preservatives that build-up over time.
  • Improved sleep: Sleep has been touted as a cure to everything from depression and lack of energy, to improved digestive functions, clearer skin, etc. Since CBD has proven to support better, more restful sleep, CBD lotion is something that will undoubtedly help your skin to repair itself in the night.
  • Compatibility with All Skin Types: Did you know that CBD is a great option for all skin types? Doctors have confirmed CBD oil and lotion can work with both naturally oil and dry skin types, as well as sensitive skin types that can react poorly with typical over-the-counter skin care products today.
  • Enhanced Hydration: CBD has long been used for its ultra-hydrating and emollient properties, which means CBD lotion will help restore lost natural hydration in your skin and surrounding areas. For many people, naturally dry skin is what causes their skin discoloration, premature aging, fine lines, and psoriasis.

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At the end of the day, CBD is a healing cannabinoid, which means it interacts with your endocannabinoid system to help your body maintain homeostasis. As a gentle detoxifying agent, CBD works to enhance your body’s ability to keep everything from skin to your overall nervous system balanced and healthy.

We hope this has answered your question about CBD for skincare! Remember, less is more when you are first starting out, which is why we recommend taking it slow in the beginning.


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