Helped a lot!

"I suffer from Depression, Anxiety, insomnia and a back Injury that causes constant pain. I recently started using this product and it has helped me so much!!! I don’t have to use Xanax any more for panic attacks because I am having less of them, I am off the sleeping pills the doctor prescribed and I am in a lot less pain. I am loving this product." - Cyn

Finally some RELIEF!!!

"I’ve know of CBD oils for a while now but never did much research. After 2 years of neck pain and various doctors, therapies, medications, and thousands spent for some pain relief I was still searching.... I have lost so much sleep due to my pain from a whiplash caused by a car accident over 2 years ago. In an effort to find SOMETHING to help with the pain... I came across an AD for this CBD oil. I decided to give it a try mostly so I could finally get some sleep again. I took this one night and felt SIGNIFICANT relief in my neck. I’m assuming there was inflammation in the area.... who knows.... but I also slept like a baby for the first time in a LONG time. I am so thankful for this oil. I have taken it every night since." - Krystal

First time customer

"I enjoyed the updated communication. It wasn't overbearing and exact. I live in California and even with the unpredictable weather my order arrived on time. Aside from ordering and delivery the product over all is up to par and one I've already sent to friends as a recommendation." - Vanessa

The product is great!

"The product is great! It’s super pure and potent, so only a drag or two are necessary to calm me down whether I’m just stressed or can’t fall asleep. I start to feel it immediately and it generally lasts for a while. The best part is that I haven’t noted any adverse effects! Definitely recommend!"  - Arielle

"I did receive my order today and I would like to say a special thank you to Thomas for his personal note thanking me for being a loyal customer, the extra something in my oder and the VIP discount code. You really know about customer service and taking care of them. You also have  great products as well!
Thank you BKLYN CBD" - Sal


Thank you
"Just wanted to say thank you again, the CBD seriously helps with my anxiety and insomnia xx" - Madeline


Awesome Customer Service

USPS messed up my shipment so I contacted BKLYN CBD and they had one at my house the next day and I love it! - Aaron


Fantastic product. Checks all the boxes on the "Pro" column for CBD. Simple, discrete, legal, and relaxing. Great stuff. - Joseph