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BKLYN CBD - Good Vibes Pack
Marcin Kurpiewski
Good vibes

Good vibes pack cbd does its job plain and simple

Finesse Time Drops - 900mg
Marcin Kurpiewski
Good staff

Good staff keep making it .

Chill Time Drops - 1800mg
Anthony Randazzo

Works great

Wonderful helps me sleep without any side effects really good

Zen Time CBD Pre-Roll
Celia MacLellan
Good :)

Ordered some pre-roll, and they're great and super relaxing.

My review was originally negative because there was had been a mix up at delivery and I hadn't receive the items. It wasn't their fault, and it did take a couple of days, but in the end they made it right and even threw a couple of extra things in there. SO overall, pretty good! I will order again.

Chill Time Drops - 1800mg
Patricia Pedersen
I was skeptical but this stuff works!

So many CBD products claim to help with sleeplessness but this is the first one that consistently did the trick. Yay! Feeling more energetic and alert all day long thanks to Chill Time drops.

Chill Time Drops - 1800mg
Tanika Brown-McKelvy
It's the chill for me!

Definitely in love with the way that Chill Time Drops supports my relaxation by helping me feel less anxious. New York City can be a hectic place. A few drops of Chill Time taken sublingually, help melt away the stress of the day. If you are looking to chill, this is the fix!

Don't worry, about a thing...

Cuz every little thing gonna be all right, with Brooklyn CBD. By far, the best gummies I've had. It was a bit of a wait to get my order but hey, it was worth it. Now it's just all beautiful and the world... Is good. 👍 Highly recommend.

Finesse Time Drops - 900mg
Tracy Corvoisier
Love it!

It helps me sleep & relax. I’m currently on my 6th bottle!


You can tell the differ cue from the rest,,,I like it


Would definitely buy again

Finesse Time Drops - 900mg
Veronica Charvet
Great product!

I’ve been taking this dropper for over a week now and I already feel the results. My mind is more clear and my mood has improved a lot. I highly recommend it!


I haven’t rest so well I. A long time

Good gummies

The gummies are great for helping sleep. tinctures sometimes upset my stomach a bit, but gummies do not. They aren’t sweet, so no risk of trying to eat too many, but one does take the edge off during the day, or night.

Zen Time CBD Pre-Roll

I loved it and found it relaxed my sleep very well

finally satisfaction from a cbd product!!!

Great Product

Very smooth, easy to use, and helps immensely with my pain. It kicks in about 20 minutes after sublingual application for me and lasts a good four hours with no waning. Def reco.

Best CBD products…by far!

Love the product, love the company. The liquid makes it super easy to find the right dose.


I would definitely buy it again! i love it

Great product

We’ve been using it every night for a couple of weeks now and love this product. Will be buying again!

Best CBD Ever

Natural tasting, with very noticeable and pleasant effects. Awesome packaging too. Among the best I’ve tried of probably a few dozen different brands.

Excellent products!!

The Apple gummies are my favorite!

Chill Time Drops

I purchased the chill time drops for sleep. They work great! Haven’t slept this well in years! I recommend them to everyone. Two friends already purchased them and love them.

Big fan

Nothing but good remarks, Finesse Time takes the edge off.


Has definitely helped me sleep through the night and reduced my anxiety throughout the day. Will be ordering again.