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Chill Time Drops

I purchased the chill time drops for sleep. They work great! Haven’t slept this well in years! I recommend them to everyone. Two friends already purchased them and love them.

Big fan

Nothing but good remarks, Finesse Time takes the edge off.


Has definitely helped me sleep through the night and reduced my anxiety throughout the day. Will be ordering again.

Repeat Buyer

Always a great product and terrific customer service + caring - tastes pretty good and just a sight mellow relaxed feel follows

BKLYN CBD - Good Vibes Pack
Stephanie Vreeland

Love these products.

Truly authentic product

I’ve experimented with many CBD products and this brand by far is my favorite. Their products have a pleasant taste and I can truly feel the difference in my mental state when I take them. Highly recommend!

Love it

Great product, really enjoyed it

Chill Time Drops - 1800mg
Tifanny Mendoza

Love it!

Finesse Time Drops - 900mg
Monica NutileEsposito
Works for sleep

I tried the Finesse Time Drops for my 93 year old mother who suffers from dementia and has an involuntary talking defect, causing her to not get any rest as she talks constantly, even while sleeping. I gave her a small dose of the CBD and it worked to get her to sleep and to stop the talking. Unfortunately, she had a small cutaneous allergic reaction afterwards and I had to discontinue their use. Other than that, they were effective in calming her and providing her a good night's sleep.

Regular, subscribed customer

Five stars for a solid CBD product, reliable shipping and packaging, and great customer service! I subscribe on a monthly basis and refer friends interested in CBD to BKLYN all the time.

I Swear By This Product

I've tried a lot of brands and types of CBD tinctures, and this is by far my favorite over the past year. It's smooth, my response is predictable, and helps me relax. Maybe tmi but it has also helped with some GI issues, probably just in keeping me on the calmer side. I highly recommend it, and a little goes a long way.

BKLYN CBD - Good Vibes Pack

If bliss was a product

Greetings family. These products are great compliment to each other the gummies work rather quickly while the drops take a little bit more time but last longer, it's a great combo. I really do enjoy them. Great Job and thank you. I'm grateful to find such a wonderful quality product in the great City of New York. Peace.

Great Product- Delicious!

I really like all the flavors. The feeling is subtle and smooth. Easy to keep on you as a snack as needed, and the jars are really cute!

Great drops!

Only complaint is that I go through them too quickly!

works instantly!!

work the $$. make the splurge. You'll be glad you did

Great buy!

I love it! It has the same effect as finesse but just with a lemon-y flavor! Will buy again!

A Treat

The Chill Time Drops have been a wonderful addition to my self-care arsenal, especially for use during work hours. I am very grateful for the same-day delivery option.

Zen Time CBD Pre-Roll
Tifanny Mendoza

So far so it's pretty good

Great Product

Great tasting and effective edibles. I strongly recommend it and I’ll definitely purchase more soon!

Chill Time Drops - 1800mg
Charles Brunicardi
Very attentive

Wonderful individual to care for my order

Sleeping Soundly

I had never tried CBD oil but after weeks of stress-interrupted sleep I did some research and decided to give it a try. Since I started using the chill time drops I have actually slept through the night and/or been able to relax my mind and body enough to fall back asleep.

Love the products!

I have anxiety and the Finesse time drops helps me greatly, I also use the use the Blueberry gummies to help me sleep. BKLYN cbd has amazing customer service!

Best product out there!

Finally, A REAL CBD OIL !

BKLYN 1800 Chill Time is the first OTC oil that stopped the daily pain I have from spine surgery and osteoarthritis. And I’m sleeping like a baby ever since I began taking it at night. TY !